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Banbury Center


cocktailsBanbury Center organizes meetings on topics in molecular biology and genetics, human genetics, and science policy. Subjects are chosen for their special interest and because they would benefit from small, discussion meetings. We try especially to bring together scientists whose research is relevant to the topic, but who may not perceive that. Thus we hope to promote new ways of looking at a problem, new lines of research and new collaborations. We do not rent out the facility but we will consider suggestions for sponsored meetings provided that:
  • the proposed topic is in the areas of molecular biology, molecular genetics, human genetics, neuroscience or science policy;
  • the topic meets the high standards expected of all Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory meetings
Each meeting is organized by two or three scientists who are internationally recognized as authorities in the subject of the meeting. Participation in meetings is by invitation only and it is the responsibility of the scientific organizers to select the thirty-six participants. All expenses-travel, board and lodging-are covered. The organizers also draw up the program for the meeting. The staff of the Banbury Center perform all the necessary secretariat functions for the organizers and have considerable experience in organizing meetings. At present we hold approximately 22 meetings each year at Banbury. Our aim is to make Banbury Center meetings an enjoyable experience, even for the organizers.

Meetings are usually two-and-one half days long, with participants arriving on Sunday evening in time for cocktails and dinner, and leaving at lunchtime on the following Wednesday. There are usually five sessions of a maximum of three-and-one half hours each. There are no evening sessions at Banbury Center - this time is left free for informal discussions between participants.


Banbury Center meetings are discussion meetings at which participants talk freely about their own work, including unpublished data, and comment on presentations in a critical but positive manner. To engage in this style of meeting, participants must be confident that their data and remarks remain confidential.

  • All presentations must be regarded as personal communications and not referred to except with the written permission of the individual being quoted, and with due acknowledgement in any paper.
  • Blogging and tweeting of the contents of a Banbury Center meeting is not permitted.
  • The proceedings of Banbury Center meetings must not be recorded using tape recorders, still or video cameras, or any other mechanical or electronic devices.
  • There must be no press release or similar public communication of the proceedings of a Banbury Center meeting without the written consent of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.
  • Participation in Banbury Center meetings implies acceptance of these conditions which are intended to encourage free communication and discussion of unpublished work.