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URP Curriculum

Scientific Research     All URP students undertake an original research project, mentored by one of CSHL’s outstanding research faculty. Students have access to the Lab’s state-of-the-art research facilities, including extensive resources for genomics and microscopy.  At the end of the Program, students write a scientific manuscript about their summer work.  Some of these become part of peer-reviewed scientific publications.

Bioinformatics and Computational Neuroscience Workshop     CSHL’s URP presents students with a two-part workshop in Bioinformatics and Computational Neuroscience.
1. Hands-on programming workshops     These workshops (1 per week) train students to use Python for data analysis and modeling. There are two concurrent workshops: one for students new to programming, and a second for students with programming experience.  [workshop 1 materials]   [workshop 2 materials]
2. Lecture series  The lecture series consists of  sessions focused on important topics in bioinformatics and computational neuroscience. Sessions include:
     • Genomics in the cell
     • Small RNA transcriptomics in Zea mays
     • Quantitative principles of the nervous system 

Training in Scientific Communication     The Program offers lectures on how to write an effective abstract and how to give a scientific talk.  In the course of the summer Program, students prepare a research abstract and a scientific manuscript, and present two research talks for the entire CSHL scientific community.

Career Development     URP participants attend a series of lectures and panel discussions aimed at informing them about the process of pursuing a research career or a variety of non-research scientific careers.  Sessions include:
     • Faculty perspectives on research careers
     • Graduate school and fellowship applications
     • Integrating a scientific career with family life
     • Non-research career panel

Responsible Conduct of Research     Before starting work in their laboratories, URP participants attend a two-part Responsible Conduct of Research workshop, which covers ethical issues in biological research.  Students are also instructed in laboratory safety.

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