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URP Alumni 2013

CSHL URPs 2013

Undergraduate institution
Research project title

Lauren Choate
Truman State University
Timmermans Laboratory
Mapping and Characterization of a Leaf Polarity Mutant in Maize: rld-5409 
  Amy Danson
University of Cambridge
Tuveson Laboratory
Optimizing Growth Conditions of Normal and Diseases Pancreatic Organoids to Study and Identify Pancreatic Cancer Biomarkers 

Abhishek Dev
Bard College
Kepecs Laboratory
Effect of Morphine on Decision Making
  Maria Eguiluz
Hope College
Hannon Laboratory
Characterization of Nuclear Protein CG13741 in the Germline piRNA Pathway

Michael Fishman
Swarthmore College
Osten Laboratory
The Role of the Medial Amygdala and Ventromedial Hypothalamus Circuit in Mouse Social Behavior

  Emily Flynn
Smith College
Gingeras Laboratory
Examining RNA Annotation and Quantification by RAMPAGEL Comparison with RNA-seq and Pol II
Heather Fuller
University College London
Dubnau Laboratory
Gypsy virus and Neurodegenerative Disorders

  Gregory Fuller
Johns Hopkins University
Huang Laboratory
Chandelier Cells and Apoptosis
Michael Jacobs
Oberlin College
Joshua-Tor Laboratory
CG3893 and the piRNA Pathway
  Victoria Jones
North Carolina Central University
Mills Laboratory
The Role of Plant Homeodomains (PHDs) of Chromodomain Helicase DNA Binding Protein 5 in Neural Stem Cells

David Kleinman
University of Toronto
Trotman Laboratory
STAT3 inhibition and Prostate Cancer
  Ricki Korff
Cornell University
Atwal Laboratory
Germline Genes and Cancer

Prashant Kota
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Lyon Laboratory
Investigation Protein-Protein Interactions in the N-Terminal Acetyltransferase Complex
  Therese LaRue
Skidmore College
Jackson Laboratory
Identifying direct targets of FEA4, a master regulator of meristem size in maize

Yitong Li
Cornell Univeristy
Furukawa Laboratory
New Approach Aided The Study of Human SPPL2b in Oligomerization and Protease Activity

  Abigail Lin
Duke University
McCombie Laboratory
Classifying epistasis in the DISC1 interactome 
Michael MacGillivray
University of Notre Dame
Krasnitz Laboratory
Mathematical Inference of Tumor Phylogeny
  Pascal Maguin 
Hunter College, SUNY
Edgeblad Laboratory
Exploration of LOXL2 Expression in Pancreatic Cancer

Uju Momah
Amherst College
Stillman Laboratory
Nucleosome Disassembly Ahead of the DNA Replicattion Fork-in vivo studies
  Marjorie Morales
SUNY Stony Brook
Joshua-Tor Laboratory
Argonautes and GW182 proteins in microRNA-mediated gene silencing

Holly Rees
University of Cambridge
Krainer Laboratory
Investigating the effect of SRSF1 on Nonsense-mediated mRNA Decay (NMD)
  Benjamin Schuman
State University of New York at Geneseo
Shea Laboratory 
Locus Coeruleus Activity in Response to Social Stimuli

Daniel Starer-Stor
Oberlin College
Zador Laboratory
Generation of Random Barcodes for in vivo Cell Identification
  Alexis Tchaconas
Columbia University
Wigler Laboratory
Looking Beyond the Nucleus: Mitochondrial DNA Transmission in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Akash Umakantha
Vanderbilt University
Mitra Laboratory
Addition of High Resolution Nissl Histologyy to Waxholm Space

  Gregory Vurture
New York University
Schatz Laboratory
Mathematics of Genome Architecture
Alissa Williams
Wofford College
Hannon Laboratory
Viral Barcode Tracking on Clonal Tumor Formation