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HT Summer 2007

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On the cover:
The latest CSHL discoveries are shaping the future of research in two neurological disorders that effect young and old Photo illustration concept: Margot Bennett; design: John Verity
Photos: ©Miriam Chua, 2007 & Greg Ceo/Getty Images


CSHL changes the way we look at Autism and Ourselves

A novel approach to autism research shifts the entire field and opens a window into how our personalities are constructed

CSHL Discovery: New hope for fighting Alzheimer's Disease

New research on the mechanism of synapse weakening and the role Abeta plays in this process shifts the focus away from plaques and suggests new therapies

Jazz at the Lab

Music and merriment contribute $250,000 to the 2007 CSHL Association Annual Fund goal of $1.2 million

Celebrating National DNA Day

DNA is not only part of our history as Long Islanders; it is the foundation of the future of personalized healthcare


Recent award recipients range from a first year graduate student to a postdoctoral fellow, a new faculty member, the Meetings & Courses leadership, and the CSHL president

WSBS Commencement from a graduate's perspective

A graduate interprets an honorary degree recipient’s words, “Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory has changed me.”

DNALC prepares the world for the Gene Age

The rate of scientific progress is now so rapid, that it is no longer possible to rely upon textbooks for up-to-date information and the Dolan DNALC is leading the way

Book review

Pandora’s Baby: How the First Test Tube Babies Sparked the Reproductive Revolution by Robin Marantz Henig