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HT Spring 2008

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On the cover:
Bioinformatics, computational biology and
quantitative biology provide the muscle
for today’s biomedical breakthroughs.


Math, statistics & computing: The heart of contemporary biology

How math, statistics and computing define the latest disciplines in the life sciences: bioinformatics, computational biology and quantitative biology


Kudos to CSHL faculty, postdoctoral students, scientific journals, educational programs and the Hillside Campus expansion project!

Fighting Malaria with DNA barcoding

CSHL's Banbury Center brings DNA barcoding technology to the fight against malaria

2007 Double Helix Medals Award Dinner

New Yorkers at their best: The 2007 Double Helix Medals Dinner celebrates biomedical science and philanthropy

Science is Star Trek; Law School is Trivial Pursuit

How biology and CSHL shaped the career of biotech industry pioneer Karen Talmadge, Ph.D.

Members only

A peek at CSHL President's Council members getting hands-on exposure to RNA interference, with top investigators and Nobel laureates as instructors

Research locally, share globally

Renovation and expansion of facilities at CSHL will bring new library and archives resources to investigators and students on campus and online around the world

Lab notes

The Harbor Transcript's editor-in-chief invites you to a new feature!