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HT Winter 2008

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On the cover:
New facilities at CSHL will be home to investigations that could yield the first reliable diagnostics, as well as novel treatments and insights, about how certain mental illnesses can be halted or prevented altogether.
Concept: Margot Bennett
Photo illustration & design: John Verity
Photos: ©Constance Brukin, 2008 & ©ISM/Phototake


Next-generation neuroscience takes shape at CSHL

CSHL is tracking the holy grail for neuroscientists, following the path from aberrant genes to perturbed biology to anomalous behaviors in people with mental illness

Trustee profile

Prize-winning author Andrew Solomon is an advocate for CSHL’s neuroscience research

President's Council: CSHL powers panel on alternative fuels

A benefit of membership in the President’s Council: a ring-side seat in the national discussion on biofuels

Watson School Commencement: Graduates get inspiration from the stars

Seven new Ph.D.s receive degrees and gain insights from a co-founder of Microsoft, a Nobel Prize-winning neuroscientist, and a cultural icon

James D. Watson: 40 years in retrospect

Over four decades, Jim Watson’s contributions to the Laboratory have been immense. A tribute,
based on interviews with those who have known him best

Women's Partnership Luncheon: A sound-side organic education

Dolan DNA Learning Center enlightens CSHL supporters on the biology of organic food and discusses issues surrounding genetically engineered food

A personal tour of Bungtown Botanical Garden

A new book written by Liz Watson showcases CSHL’s landscapes with stunning photography
of the resident flora and fauna