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HT Summer 2011

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On the cover:
This thicket of wires is part of an apparatus designed by Asst. Prof. Florin Albeanu. It enables his team to deliver precise combinations of 165 chemical odorants to mice, in experiments designed to probe their olfactory circuitry.


Making sense of smell

For four CSHL investigators, olfaction opens a window on major brain questions

On depression’s trail

To understand depression, Bo Li and Fritz Henn focus on the brain’s junction box

One experiment

The Sordella lab is learning how lung epithelial cells become metastatic

Watson School 2011 graduates

Research Profile: W. Richard McCombie

Advances in sequencing technology are revealing the genetic basis of human disease

Faculty & Friends


Hannon wins graduate school mentoring award

NIH New Investigator Regional Conference

Watson School 2011 honorary degrees

Genome Technology’s Young Investigator List

Stillman honored with Louisa Gross Horwitz Prize