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HT Summer 2012

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On the cover:
Having co-developed a high-throughput, automated microscopy platform called Serial Two-photon (STP) Tomography for imaging whole mouse brains, CSHL Associate Professor Pavel Osten has launched a spin-off company that is applying this technology to drug discovery in neuroscience.


Spinning off success

Bringing the benefits of basic research from lab bench to the market

Genome Research

CSHL Press's winning model for scientific publishing

One experiment

Mikala Egeblad's 'live' microscopy enables us to see tumors interacting with their immediate surroundings

Research Profile: Nicholas Tonks

Nick Tonks is working on inhibitors of PTP1B that could lead to novel treatments for cancer and diabetes

Watson School 2012 graduates

5 freshly minted Ph.D.s are launched on career journeys

Faculty & Friends

Secret Science Club inducts Alea Mills

2012 Watson School honorary degree


Explaining ‘big’ ideas about biofuels, genomics in the cloud

Genetics Society of America honors Micklos

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