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CSHL’s research faculty has a rich history of contributing some of the most fundamental discoveries in molecular biology and genetics. This legacy, which includes 8 Nobel Prize winners, continues to be strengthened today by the 52 faculty members who head cutting-edge laboratories in a broad range of fields, some of which are often and increasingly interdisciplinary. Their efforts and output are consistently, internationally recognized. Thomson Reuters’ Essential Science Indicators, a leading index for institutional performance, has ranked CSHL in the top 1% of institutions most cited in published research and its faculty among the top three in terms of its influence in molecular biology and genetics.

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Research Administration

Stillman, Bruce W., President and Chief Executive Officer; Professor
Cancer; cell cycle; DNA replication; chromatin assembly; biochemistry; yeast genetics

Spector, David L.,Director, Research; Professor
Cell biology; gene expression; nuclear structure; microscopy; non-coding RNAs

Gann, Alexander A.F., WSBS Professor and Dean; Senior Editor, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press

Goldschmidts, Walter,Executive Director, Sponsored Programs

Gary, Sydney,Director, Research Operations

Grodzicker, Terri,Dean of Academic Affairs

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Albeanu, Dinu Florin (Assistant Professor)
Neuronal circuits; sensory coding and synaptic plasticity; neuronal correlates of behavior; olfactory processing

Atwal, Gurinder (Associate Professor)
Population genetics; bioinformatics; cancer; stochastic processes; statistical mechanics and information theory

Churchland, Anne (Associate Professor)
Decision-making; electrophysiology; sensory processing; vision; audition; neural computation; modeling; behavior

dos Santos, Camila (Assistant Professor)
Breast cancer, mammary gland development, stem cells, enhancer biology, gene regulation

Dubnau, Joshua (Associate Professor)
Learning; memory; genetics; behavior

Egeblad, Mikala (Associate Professor)
Tumor microenvironment; intravital imaging; tumor-associated myeloid cells; breast cancer

Enikolopov, Grigori (Adjunct Professor)
Stem cell; neurogenesis; development; signal transduction

Fearon, Douglas (Professor)
Cancer immunology, pancreatic cancer, mouse models

Furukawa, Hiro (Associate Professor)
Membrane proteins, X-ray crystallography, electrophysiology, neurodegenerative disease

Gillis, Jesse (Assistant Professor)
Gene networks; gene function prediction; guilt by association; neuropsychiatric; hub genes; multifunctionality; computational genomics

Gingeras, Thomas (Professor)
Genome-wide organization of transcription and the functional roles of non-protein coding RNAs

Hammell, Christopher (Assistant Professor)
Post-transcriptional gene regulation; control of animal developmental timing; RNA biology

Hammell, Molly (Assistant Professor)
Gene regulatory networks; integrated genomic analysis; bioinformatics; RNA biology; small RNAs

Hannon, Gregory (Adjunct Professor and HHMI Investigator)
Growth control in mammalian cells; post-transcriptional gene silencing

Huang, Z. Josh (Professor)
Development and function of the GABAergic inhibitory circuitry in neocortex; cortical circuits; mouse genetics; developmental plasticity; neurogenomics; autism

Iossifov, Ivan (Assistant Professor)
Computational biology; molecular networks; human genetics; human disease; applied statistical and machine learning; biomedical text-mining; molecular evolution

Jackson, David (Professor)
Plant development; stem cell signaling; genomics and imaging

Joshua-Tor, Leemor (Professor and HHMI Investigator)
Structural biology; nucleic acid regulation; RNAi; molecular recognition; X-ray crystallography

Kepecs, Adam (Associate Professor)
Decision-making; neural circuits; behavioral electrophysiology; theoretical neuroscience; neuroeconomics

Kinney, Justin (Assistant Professor)
Sequence-function relationships; machine learning; biophysics; transcriptional regulation

Koulakov, Alexei (Professor)
Theoretical neurobiology; quantitative principles of cortical design; computer science; applied mathematics

Krainer, Adrian R. (Professor)
Posttranscriptional control of gene expression; pre-mRNA splicing mechanisms, fidelity and genetic diseases; alternative splicing; RNA-protein interactions; cancer

Krasnitz, Alexander (Associate Professor)
Genomics of cancer; machine learning for biology; inference from noisy biological datal; large-scale numerical computing

Lee, Je H. (Assistant Professor)
Single-cell, in situ RNA-seq, non-coding RNA, spatial genomics, cancer microenvironment

Levy, Dan (Assistant Professor)
Human genetics; mathematical modeling; algorithm development

Li, Bo (Associate Professor)
Neuroscience; glutamatergic synapse; synaptic plasticity; schizophrenia; depression; rodent models of psychiatric disorders

Lippman, Zachary (Associate Professor)
Plant developmental genetics; molecular mechanisms of phase transitions for flowering time and inflorescence branching; heterosis

Lyon, Gholson (Assistant Professor)
Biochemistry, amino-terminal acetylation of proteins,human genetics, neuropsychiatric diseases, whole genome sequencing

Martienssen, Rob (Professor and HHMI Investigator)
Epigenetics; DNA methylation; chromatin and chromosome biology; transposable elements; RNA interference; stem cells; germline specification; plant genomics; plant evolution; aquatic plants

McCombie, W. Richard (Professor)
Genomics of psychiatric disorders; genomics of cancer; computational genomics; plant genomics

Mills, Alea A. (Professor)
Cancer; development; aging; senescence; epigenetics

Mitra, Partha P. (Professor)
Neuroinformatics; theoretical engineering; animal communications; neural prostheses; brain imaging; developmental linguistics

Osten, Pavel (Associate Professor)
Neurobiology of autism and schizophrenia; gene expression-based mapping of brain activity; anatomical mapping of brain connectivity; high throughput microscopy

Pappin, Darryl (Research Professor)
Proteomics, mass spectrometry, protein chemistry

Schatz, Michael (Associate Professor)
Genomics; genome assembly & validation; sequence alignment; high performance and multicore computing; parallel algorithms; cloud computing

Shea, Stephen (Assistant Professor)
Olfaction; audition; communication behaviors; in vivo electrophysiology; individual recognition

Siepel, Adam (Professor)
Computational biology, population genetics, computational genomics, molecular evolution, gene regulation

Sordella, Raffaella (Associate Professor)
Molecular therapeutics; signal transduction

Spector, David L. (Director of Research and Professor)
Cell biology; gene expression; nuclear structure; microscopy; non-coding RNAs

Stenlund, Arne (Associate Professor)
Cancer; Papillomavirus; DNA replication

Stillman, Bruce W. (President and Professor)
Cancer; cell cycle; DNA replication; chromatin assembly; biochemistry; yeast genetics

Timmermans, Marja (Professor)
Plant development; epigenetic regulation of stem cell fate; pattern formation via small RNAs

Tollkuhn, Jessica (Assistant Professor)
Transcriptional regulation; chromatin; critical periods in neurodevelopment; steroid hormones and behavior

Tonks, Nicholas (Professor)
Posttranslational modification; phosphorylation; phosphatases; signal transduction; protein structure and function

Trotman, Lloyd (Associate Professor)
Cancer modeling and treatment; Senescence and tumor progression; cancer visualization; PTEN regulation

Turner, Glenn (Associate Professor)
Neural coding; learning and memory; sensory processing; Drosophila; electrophysiology

Tuveson, David (Professor)
Pancreatic cancer, experimental therapeutics, diagnostics, mouse models, cancer genetics

Vakoc, Christopher (Associate Professor)
Chromatin; transcriptional regulation; acute myeloid leukemia; BET bromodomains; lysine methyltransferases

Van Aelst, Linda (Professor)
Signal transduction; Ras and Rho proteins; tumorigenesis; neuronal development

Ware, Doreen (Adjunct Associate Professor)
Computational biology; comparative genomics; genome evolution; diversity; gene regulation; plant biology

Wigler, Michael (Professor)
Human genetic disorders; population genetics; cancer genomics

Zador, Anthony (Professor)
Neural circuits; sensory processing, attention and decision making; attention; molecular tool development; connectomics

Zheng, Hongwu (Assistant Professor)
Malignant gliomagenesis; animal modeling; stem cell renewal/differentiation; genetic and epigenetic regulation

Zhong, Yi (Professor)
Neurophysiology; Drosophila genetics; learning and memory; neurofibromatosis; signal transduction

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Non-Research Faculty

Watson, James D. (Chancellor Emeritus)

Gann, Alexander A. F. (WSBS Professor and Dean; Senior Editor Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press)

Grodzicker, Terri (Dean of Academic Affairs)

Inglis, John R. (Executive Director of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press)

Micklos, David A. (Executive Director of the Dolan DNA Learning Center)

Stewart, David J. (WSBS Professor, Executive Director of Meetings and Courses)

Witkowski, Jan A. (WSBS Professor, Executive Director of the Banbury Center)

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CSHL Fellows

Sheltzer, Jason (CSHL Fellow)
Cancer genetics, aneuploidy, genome dosage imbalances, systems biology

Zhang, Lingbo (CSHL Fellow)
Normal and malignant hematopoietic progenitor/stem cells; self-renewal; myelodysplastic syndrome; cancer-related anemia; leukemia

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Quantitative Biology Fellows

Research Scientists

Chang, Kenneth (Research Assistant Professor)

Hicks, James (Research Professor)

Lyons, Scott (Research Assistant Professor)

Powers, Scott (Research Professor)

Ronemus, Michael (Research Assistant Professor)

Yoon, Seungtai (Research Assistant Professor)

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Research Staff

Alexander, Joan (Research Investigator, Wigler laboratory)

Antoniou, Eric (Research Investigator, McCombie laboratory)

Aznarez Da Silva, Isabel (Research Investigator, Krainer laboratory)

Davis, Carrie (Senior Research Investigator, Gingeras laboratory)

Esposito, Diane (Research Compliance Specialist)

Hua, Yimin (Research Investigator, Krainer laboratory)

Knott, Simon (Research Investigator, Hannon laboratory)

Krishnan, Navasona (Research Investigator, Tonks laboratory)

Lee, Yoon-Ha (Research Investigator, Wigler laboratory)

Li, Leyi (Director, Gene Targeting Shared Resource, Mills laboratory)

McCarthy, Shane (Research Investigator, McCombie laboratory)

Michurina, Tatyana (Research Investigator, Enikolopov laboratory)

Mukhopadhyay, Swagatam (Computer Scientist, Wigler laboratory)

Nelson, Bryce (Director Antibody and Phage Display)

Park, Youngkyu (Research Investigator, Tuveson laboratory)

Peunova, Natalia (Research Investigator, Enikolopov laboratory)

Prakash, Ashwin (Computer Scientist, Gingeras laboratory)

Regulski, Michael (Research Investigator, Martienssen laboratory)

Sheu, Yi-Jun (Research Investigator, Stillman laboratory)

Vagin, Vasily (Research Investigator, Zador laboratory)

Wang, Zihua (Research Investigator, Wigler laboratory)

Yamrom, Boris (Senior Computer Scientist, Wigler laboratory)

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Adjunct Faculty

Lowe, Scott (Adjunct Professor)

Norton, Larry (Adjunct Professor)

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Visiting Faculty

Ridley, Mathew (Visiting Professor)

Rockland, Kathleen (Visiting Professor)

Weisbrod, Stuart (Visiting Professor)

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Current as of January 1, 2014. Updated Quarterly.