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Plant Genomics

corn1Plants represent a tremendously diverse set of organisms, many of which are of great importance to humans either for food, or increasingly, for fuel.  Scientists at CSHL are applying genomics approaches to answer a wide range of questions in plant biology, from understanding how they are related to one another evolutionarily to how they grow, develop and reproduce.  Since some plant genomes are very large, even determining their basic structure is a significant challenge, and is therefore a topic of active research. CSHL has taken part in numerous plant genome sequencing projects including Arabidopsis, rice, sorghum and maize, as well as epigenomic sequencing and profiling.  We are part of the iPlant Cyberinfrastructure consortium and the Long Island Biofuels Alliance.

One current project is to use a combination of Illumina short read sequencing and long sequence reads from the new Pacific Biosciences sequencers to sequence the wheat genome as well as the genomes of related plants.  The current results for this project can be found on  the CSHL wheat genome sequencing project page.