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URP Alumni 2003

University Affiliation, CSHL Advisor, and Title of Research Project

Emily Anderson
Grinnell College, USA
Advisor: Dr. Dick McCombie
URP Project: "Gene Prediction: An Assessment of Tools"

Mollie Biewald
Columbia University, USA
Advisor: Dr. Josh Dubnau
URP Project: "Oskar and Staufen: Visualizing Memory Formation"

Christopher Brown
Clemson University, USA
Advisor: Dr. Rob Lucito
URP Project: "Detecting Gene Copy Number Changes in Ovarian Cancer"

Jessica Cardenas-Navia
Yale University, USA
Advisor: Dr. Yuri Lazebnik
URP Project: "Development and Implementation of a Cell Fusion Tracking Assay "

Rittik Chaudhuri
Duke University, USA
Advisor: Dr. David Jackson
URP Project: "Potential Plasmodesmata Receptors in "Arabidopsis thaliana"

Galen Collins
Wabash College, USA
Advisor: Dr. Marja Timmermans
URP Project: "Understanding Asymmetric Leaves1 Repression of Knox Genes in Leaf Development"

Catherine Del Vecchio
Advisor: Dr. Bill Tansey
URP Project: "An Investigation into Mediator Factor Med8 and its Potential Role in Ubiquitin-Medicated Proteolysis"

Keisha John
University of Maryland Baltimore County, USA
Advisor: Dr. Holly Cline
URP Project: "Determination of RNP Granule Composition in Dendrites"

Daniel Jones
Pomona College, USA
Advisor: Dr. Josh Huang
URP Project: "Characterization of GABAergic Interneuron Connectivity in Neocortex"

Rafal Klajn
University of Warsaw, Poland
Advisor: Dr. Leemor Joshua-Tor
URP Project: "Towards the Crystal Structure of BVP Protein E2"

Henry Lin
Harvard College, USA
Advisor: Dr. Michael Zhang
URP Project: "Comparative Genome Analysis"

Gediminas Luksys
Intl University Bremen, Germany
Advisor: Dr. Tony Zador 
URP Project: "Psychophysical Approaches in Solving the Cocktail Party Problem"

Nicholas Manicke
University of Evansille, USA 
Advisor: Dr. Alea Mills 
URP Project: "Investigating the Role of p63 in the Skin"

Nina Marinsek
Cambridge University, UK 
Advisor: Dr. Rob Martienssen 
URP Project: "The Role of RNAi in Chromatin Modification and its Interaction with DNA Metylation"

John McIntyre
National University Ireland 
Advisor: Dr. Senthil Muthuswamy 
URP Project: "Gene Silencing and Growth Control in 3D Epithelial Cells"

C. Michael Minder
University North Carolina, USA 
Advisor: Dr. Rui-Ming Xu 
URP Project: "Exploring the Exon Junction Complex"

Gabriel Orebi Gann
Cambridge University, UK 
Advisor: Dr. Mitya Chklovskii 
URP Project: "Connectivity and Interaction Strength of Paired Neurons"

Shraddha Pai
University of Waterloo, Canada 
Advisor: Dr. Lincoln Stein 
URP Project: "Reconstructing the Evolutionary History of Olfactory Chemoreceptors in C. elegans and C. briggsae"

Jonathan Schneiderman
Tel Aviv University, Israel 
Advisor: Dr. Greg Hannon 
URP Project: "A Species of RISC: Characterizing the Recruitment of Small Interfering RNA in the RNAi Pathway"

Peter Slomiany
Connecticut College, USA 
Advisor: Dr. Eli Hatchwell 
URP Project: "Mapping a Microdeletion using a Myriad of Methods including Microarrays and Polymorphisms"

Lieven Van der Veken
Leuven Catholic University Belgium 
Advisor: Dr. Linda Van Aelst 
URP Project: "Oligophrenin, a Study of Interactions"

John Wallach
Advisor: Dr. Karel Svoboda 
URP Project: "The Role of Neural Actin Binding Protein in Dendritic Spines Morphogenesis"

Margaret Wat
Duke University, USA 
Advisor: Dr. Masaaki Hamaguchi 
URP Project: "RNAi Knockdown of DBC2"

Christine Wu
UC Berkeley, USA 
Advisor: Dr. Winship Herr 
URP Project: "Investigating the Role of HCF-1 in Mouse F9 Cell Differentiation"

Maria Zhadina
Brandeis University, USA 
Advisor: Dr. David Helfman 
URP Project: "Characterization of p21 Function in Cell Motility"