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URP Alumni 2005

University Affiliation, CSHL Advisor, and Title of Research Project

Vineeta Agarwala
Stanford University
Dr. Michael Zhang
CTCF Binding Site Specificity and Distribution

Albert Almada
University of California at Irvine
Dr. Andy Neuwald
Exploring the relationship between sequence, structure, and function in the alpha beta hydrolase fold family

Robert Carrasquillo
Washington University in Saint Louis
Dr. Rob Martienssen
Effects of Differential Methylation on Transposon Activation and Gene Expression in A. thaliana

Jonathan Chen
Oberlin College
Dr. Greg Hannon
Utilizing RNAi to Identify Metastasis-associated Genes

Yaniv Erlich
Tel-Aviv University
Dr. Partha Mitra
Novel Wireless Sensor Network for Electrophysiology and Behavioral Research

Alexie Finski
International University Bremen
Dr. Zach Mainen
Two-photon imaging of spines and cell populations in head-fixed awake behaving animals

Dailia Francis
Hunter College
Dr. Alea Mills
Novel Tumor Suppressor Gene(s) at Human 1p36

Wei Kevin Gan
Harvard College
Dr. Bill Tansey
Exploring the role of the 20S proteasome subunit in transcription regulation.

Christopher Javadi
University of Texas at Austin
Dr. Josh Dubnau
Drosophila deficiency mapping using whole-genome tiling arrays

Betty Kong
Rutgers University
Dr. Vivek Mittal
Developing an in vitro assay for studying the function of bone marrow-derived lineage depleted cells in vasculature formation.

Marek Kudla
Warsaw University
Dr. Rui-Ming Xu
Prp8 - the elusive structure of a crucial spliceosomal component

Scott Millman
Cornell University
Dr. Adrian Krainer
Mutational Analysis of the Oncogenic Activity of SF2/ASF

Alexandra Nica
International University Bremen
Dr. Dick McCombie
Genome-wide SNPs detection in /Oryza sativa /strains using a massively parallel sequencing strategy

Krishnan Palaniappan
Carnegie Mellon University
Dr. Bruce Stillman
Binding of mitotic cyclins to Cdc6 and ORC as regulators of pre-replication complex formation.

Vanessa Ringgold
University of California at Davis
Dr. Marja Timmermans
Investigations into the Affects of Asymetric Leaves 1 in Arabidopsis

Margot Rommens
University of Leuven
Dr. Linda Van Aelst
Oligophrenin: where art thou? Detecting OPHN-specific phage clones for subsequent germ line manipulation in mice

Tasleem Samji
Cambridge University
Dr. Senthil Muthuswamy
Silencing Par6a in Breast Epithelial Cell Lines

Christian Sanchez-Jordan
Johns Hopkins University
Dr. Rob Lucito
High Throughput RT-qPCR:
Narrowing the list of candidate tumor suppressor genes in ovarian and other cancers

Nora Seidl
Cambridge University
Dr. Dave Jackson
Isolation of FEA2 and associated proteins

Victoria Svinti
Nui Maynooth, Ireland
Dr. Lincoln Stein
Programmed frameshifts in Paramecium

Thomas Takara
Grinell University
Dr. Leemor Joshua-Tor
A structural investigation of papillomavirus replication initiation protein E1

Ye Wang
University of Rochester
Dr. Cordula Shultz
Ppd -- To Be Stem Cells, Or Not To Be

Kelly Wetmore
University of California Los Angeles
Dr. Wolfgang Lukowitz
Mapping Quantitative Trait Loci that modify mutations in SHORT SUSPENSOR, a predicted kinase regulating plant embryogenesis

Laura Wherity
Oxford University
Dr. Alex Koulakov
Obtaining graded values of synaptic strength in the CaMKII and PP1 feedback loop in neurons

David Wurtz
Olin College of Engineering
Dr. Yuri Lazebrnik
The Cause and Effect of Multinucleation