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URP Alumni 2007

University Affiliation, CSHL Advisor, and Title of Research Project

Vikram Agarwal
University of Texas Austin
Dr. Lincoln Stein
Characterizing Coverage and Chromosomal Rearrangement in the Watson Genome

Jack Angiolillo
Amherst College
Dr. Leemor Joshua-Tor
Attempting to Crystallize and Solve the Structure for the ORC 2-3 subcomplex

Christine Cho
Brown University
Dr. Josh Dubnau
MicroRNAs in memory: Characterization of miR276a expression

Karla Claudio-Campos
University of Puerto Rico, Cayey
Dr. Greg Hannon
Devil Facial Tumor Disease

Emily Combs
Cornell University
Dr. Doreen Ware
Validation of non-canonical introns in rice and a yeast-one hybrid system inarabidopsis thaliana

Lindsey Courtney
Drury University
Dr. Wolfgang Lukowitz 
Exploring Localization and Complementation of the MAPK Pathway

George Cutsail
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Dr. Adrian Krainer
The role of MNK2 isoforms in SF2/ASF-mediated transformation

Edith Davis
Wellesley College
Dr. Greg Hannon
Identification of LATS-1 as a Putative Tumor Suppressor Gene

Matt Golub
Stanford University
Dr. Partha Mitra
The Red-Eye Flight:  Memory of a Lifetime

Ryon Graf
University of California, Irvine
Dr. William Tansey
How To Screen For Genes That Stabilize The Proto-Oncogene Myc

Alexander Korman
University of Texas, Austin
Dr. Yi Zhong
Pi3-kinase Akt Pathway in Alzheimers Flies

Rebecca Krock
Washington University, St. Louis
Dr. David Spector
Gene localization with respect to transcriptional status

Cherline Lee
Tuskegee University
Dr. Bruce Stillman
A screen for genes that suppress the pol30-8 silencing defect

Andrew Pao
Johns Hopkins University
Dr. Dick McCombie
5' Ends of Rice Genome Transcripts

Cindy Puente
Hunter College
Dr. Alea Mills
Determining Whether Loss of Heterozygozity of CHD5 is a Prerequisite for Tumorigenesis

Simon Quay
Whitman College
Dr. Tony Zador

Erin Romberg
Oberlin College
Dr. Zach Mainen
Uncertainty, Decision Making, and Orbitofrontal Cortex

Matthew Russell
University of California, San Diego
Dr. Senthil Muthuswamy
Cell Polarity and the Initiation and Progression of Breast Carcinoma

Rachel Sachs
Princeton University
Dr. Alexei Koulakov
Application of the Watershed algorithm to spike sorting: error analysis and improvement

Adrianna San Roman
Williams College
Dr. David Jackson
Stop-and-go traffic: Regulating the gates of plasmodesmata

Sarah Sansom
Ohio State University
Dr. Marja Timmermans
Understanding Leaf Polarity Pathways

Christine Schenck
Marist College
Dr. Rob Lucito
An Investigation of Histone Modifications using ChIP-on-chip

Kathryn Schmidt
Yale University
Dr. Linda Van Aelst
The Role of the X-Linked Mental Retardation Protein Oligophrenin-1 in Glutamate Receptor Signaling

Josh Silverman
Duke University
Dr. Michael Zhang
Novel miRNAs: Just a few clicks away

Alison Spencer
University of Rochester
Dr. Vivek Mittal
Identification and Preliminary Characterization of the Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Receptor 2 (VEGFR2) Expressing Cell in Murine Bone Marrow

Sarah Timm
Dickinson College
Dr. Raffaella Sordella
Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: Animal Models and Cancer Stem Cells

Paul Wolski
Cornell University
Dr. Hiro Furukawa
Structural Analysis of the NMDA Receptor NR2D Subunit Ligand Binding Core

John Xue
Cambridge University
Dr. Rob Martienssen
The regulatory roles of ASYMMETRIC LEAVES1 and putative RNA-dependent RNA polymerases in Arabidopsis