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URP Alumni 2008

University Affiliation, CSHL Advisor, and Title of Research Project

Allison Baker
Dartmouth College
Dr. Tony Zador
A Role for Rat Auditory Cortex in Attention in Time to Auditory Stimuli

Walter Barry
Tufts University
Dr. Bruce Stillman
Analysis of Yeast Replication Origins via Two Dimensional Gel Electrophoresis

Colleen Carlston
Harvard University
Dr. Josh Dubnau
Pavlovian conditioning of the immune system

Yesenia Correa
Oregon State University
Dr. Scott Powers
Influence of initial differentiated state of the normal cell on the final tumorigenic phenotype

Eric Domb
Princeton University
Dr. Michael Zhang
In silico detection of cis-regulatory modules

Jonathan Geisinger
Case Western Reserve University
Dr. William Tansey
Ubiquitylation and stability of an ubiquitin ligase RPC

Richie Gerrard
University of St. Andrews
Dr. David Spector
In Vivo Studies of the H3K27 Demethylase JmjD3

Anna Gilman
Barnard College, Columbia University
Dr. Scott Lowe
Dissecting tumor suppressor mechanisms using conditional RNA interference

Xun Hou
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Dr. Dick McCombie
Identifying SNP Variation of Rapidly Evolving Genes

Chris Hsiung
University of California, Berkeley
Dr. Greg Hannon
Fishing for small RNAs in Argonaute complexes

Erin Jimenez
University of California, Los Angeles
Dr. Dave Jackson
Further defining the location of the Abphyl2 gene by positional cloning and understanding the mechanisms controlling phyllotaxy in maize with Abphyl2 mutants

Richard Jin
Cornell University
Dr. Rob Martienssen
Replication Initiation Points in S. pombe

Daniel Kim
Amherst College
Dr. Adam Kepecs
Using optogenetics to study network mechanisms of theta oscillations in the hippocampus

Tzitziki Lemus Vergara
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
Dr. Doreen Ware
Phylogenetics of the maize tetraploid Genome

Ryan Ly
Johns Hopkins University
Dr. Partha Mitra
Learning and Memory in the Drosophila Flight Simulator

Olga Minkina
Washington University, St. Louis
Dr. Marja Timmermans
The role of AS1/AS2 and TAS3 in determining abaxial-adaxial leaf polarity

Forest Ray
Hunter College
Dr. Alea Mills
Tumor-Derived Mutations in CHD5

Susan Shen
California Institute of Technology
Dr. Josh Huang
GABA(A) receptor subcellular localization, dynamics, and function

Zandra Walton
Amherst College
Dr. Senthil Muthuswamy
Scribble Expression in Mammary Epithelial Cells with Low let7c miRNA