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URP Alumni 2010

CSHL URPs 2010
University Affiliation, CSHL Advisor, and Title of Research Project

Robert Aboukhalil
McGill University
Dr. Mickey Atwal
Colocalization of Tumor Suppressor Genes

Emily Bottle
University of Cambridge
Dr. Tony Zador
Screening the brain areas involved in sensori-motor association

Alexandra Bryson
Texas A & M University
Dr. Bruce Stillman
Exogenous Expression of DDX5 RNA Helicase

Diana Cai
Columbia College
Dr. Yi Zhong
Combining two gene targeting systems to investigate crosstalk between the
mushroom body and central complex in Drosophila

Joseph Cammarata
Hunter College
Dr. Zach Lippman
Searching for a Marker of Meristem Reiteration in Solanum lycopersicum

Jonathan Coravos
Bowdoin College
Dr. Josh Dubnau
Is dopamine receptor expression in glia required for short-term memory in fruit flies?

Helen Cha
Williams College
Dr. Marja Timmermans
The Effect of a small RNA Gradient on Sharpening the Adaxial-Abaxial Boundary in Arabidopsis thaliana

Tiffany Coupet
Johns Hopkins University
Dr. Scott Powers
Exploring Synergistic Interactions with RNAi in Combination with a PI3K Inhibitor

Martin Fan
Washington University, St. Louis
Dr. Adrian Krainer
Characterizing the Tumorigenic Potential of Several Splicing Factors

Nisha Hariharan
University of California, Berkeley
Dr. David Jackson
Cell-to-cell trafficking via plasmodesmata in Arabidopsis thaliana

Ruilong Hu
Washington University, St. Louis
Dr. Steve Shea
The Mechanism of Neural Selectivity for Pup Isolation Calls in Mouse

Edward Larkin
University of Notre Dame
Dr. Josh Huang
The birth and development of cortical chandelier cells

Diana LaScala-Gruenewald
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Dr. Michael Zhang
An Interactive Genomic Map between Budding Yeast Species for the Study of DNA Replication

Ashley Maceli
Suffolk University
Dr. Greg Hannon
Mammalian genomic simplification methods for studying DNA methylation

Connie Martin
University of California, Riverside
Dr. Greg Hannon
Transposon Insertion Profiling

Meg McCue
Dartmouth College
Dr. Partha Mitra
The Brain Architecture Project: Quantitative Image Analysis

Matthias Minderer
University of Cambridge
Dr. Lloyd Trotman
The nuclear import mechanism of PTEN

Luis Montano
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
Dr. Dick McCombie
Solution-based exome capture: is it useful to detect human variation?

Claudio Morales-Perez
University of Puerto Rico
Dr. Hiro Furukawa
Understanding the molecular mechanism of antagonism in NMDA receptor

Angelina Regua
Molloy College
Dr. Leemor Joshua-Tor
Organization of ClrC (Clr4-Rik1-Cul4) complex

Hanna Retallack
Harvard University
Dr. Adam Kepecs
Acetylcholine and the basal forebrain in a sustained attention task

Sarah Shareef
Harvard University
Dr. Chris Vakoc
Condensin Localization Along Mitotic Chromatin

Ayse Trolander
Carleton College
Dr. Alea Mills
p63 point mutation causing EEC syndrome alters gene expression in vitro

Anil Wadhwani
Northwestern University
Dr. Florin Albeanu
Neuromodulation of olfactory sensory input - a photon counting approach

Unikora Yang
Brown University
Dr. Bo Li
Establishing a Novel Attentional Behavior Test for Mouse Models of Schizophrenia