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URP Alumni 2016

2016 groupStudent
Undergraduate institution
Research project title

Toby Aicher
Middlebury College
M. Hammell Laboratory
Investigating drug resistance in melanoma using single-cell RNA-sequencing

  Daniel Barabasi
University of Notre Dame
Churchland Laboratory
Extracting more, and more accurate, data from 2-photon calcium imaging

Julia Bassell
Emory University
Krainer Laboratory
5’ splice site selection in GT vs. GC splice sites

  Sara Blagburn
Brown University
Albeanu Laboratory
Developing a psychometric curve for odor intensity via a novel two-alternative forced choice protocol in head-fixed mice

Alissa Castleberry
Furman University
Gingeras Laboratory
Processing of Y5 RNA by cancer cell exosomes

  Debotri Chatterjee
Cornell University
Jackson Laboratory
Understanding the role of the G-protein ß subunit in plant cell death

Erin DeNardo
Washington University in St. Louis
Ware Laboratory
Interpretation of gene structure changes in Oryza sativa from a single gene to a population

  Zhiwei Ding
Grinnell College
Huang Laboratory
Mapping the distribution of a genetically-specified subpopulation of pyramidal neurons projecting to ventromedial striatum in mice

Chris Giuliano
Stony Brook University
Egeblad Laboratory
An anti-metastatic role of lysyl oxidases through matrix metalloprotease inhibition in pancreatic cancer

  Benjamin Harris
Colgate University
Atwal Laboratory
Pan cancer analysis of ectopic germline gene expression

Daniel Hawkins
Georgia Institute of Technology
McCombie Laboratory
Long read sequencing and copy number analysis

  Isaiah Holloway Jr.
Amherst College
Vakoc Laboratory
Is the CERS4 gene necessary for JAK2 mutated AML cell proliferation?

Ashley Kyalwazi
University of Notre Dame
Shea Laboratory
Parvalbumin network and neuroplasticity in the auditory cortex

  Jingyi (Jenny) Ma
University of Alberta
dos Santos Laboratory
Using CRISPR-CAS9 to investigate the epigenetic regulation of mammary stem cells

Ajay Nadig
Northwestern University
Kepecs Laboratory
Signatures of prediction error in cortical VIP interneurons

  Timothy Nolan
University of Connecticut
Koulakov Laboratory
Optimization of the short-time fourier transform spectrogram for machine learning objectives

Sevahn Vorperian
Columbia University   
Stillman Laboratory
Using CRISPR screening to identify domain dependencies of ORC1 and CDC6 in diploid and cancerous cells

  Katelyn Wilensky
University of Michigan
Tollkuhn Laboratory
Using sex differences to study the relationship between genes and behavior

Kaitlin Williams
Carroll University
Tuveson Laboratory
Inhibition of Myc slows the proliferation of KRAS-driven pancreatic cancer organoids

  Lorna Wills
University of Cambridge
Trotman Laboratory
The effect of targeting Phlpp2 on cell proliferation and pAkt and Myc signaling pathways