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Academic Support


The Watson School Ph.D. program is committed to the success of its students. To promote a high level of student achievement, the faculty and administration take an active role in mentoring and supporting students.

Two-tier mentoring     A special feature of the Watson School program is its two-tier mentoring program. Students select two dedicated faculty mentors to guide them in their graduate studies. The academic mentor monitors the student’s progress and provides advice about laboratory selection or career paths. The thesis research mentor takes on the major mentoring role with respect to the student’s professional development during the course of the thesis research.  These two mentors provide the student with advice from different viewpoints both during the course of the thesis research and in the student’s future career.

Tutoring     If students need academic assistance, either at the recommendation of faculty or through their own self-assessment, tutoring is offered at no expense. Likewise, students with undergraduate degrees in non-biological sciences, such as physics, engineering, and mathematics, are encouraged to come to CSHL several weeks before the start of the Fall Term to review their background in molecular biology. Tutors, recommending readings, and other support measures are provided free of charge.