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Felix Schlesinger

SchlesingerFelix  Graduating Class of 2013
Crick-Clay Fellow
undergraduate:  Jacobs University, Bremen (Germany) 

"For me one of the highlights of the Watson School is the opportunity to take part in the Meetings and Courses program at CSHL. The program has a great tradition and there is a meeting almost every week for most of the year. The topics span from basic molecular biology over genomics, systems biology to neuroscience and medical applications. Several of these meetings are on newly emerging fields, such as the one on 'Personal Genomes'. Most meetings are attended by the leaders in the respective fields. This gives Watson students a great and easy way to learn about different research frontiers, get new ideas, find collaborators or just enjoy the discussion with other scientists from around the world. The first semester courses already gave me a good enough background in many areas to follow these meetings, but the advanced courses of CSHL are available in addition to learn about a new technique or a totally different area of biology. Since I came here, I learned about so many new and exciting things that I feel I can make a much better decision what I want to work on for the next years then I could have made just a few month ago."