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Ira Hall

HallIra  Graduating Class of 2004
Beckman Graduate Student
undergraduate: University of California, Berkeley

"My experience doing research at CSHL has been unique and exhilarating. As a member of a small research group I work closely with my advisor, but as part of the greater intellectual community at the Lab I have formed friendships and professional relationships that will serve me well in the future. The large number of meetings and courses hosted by the Laboratory have allowed me to learn about scientific fields other than my own, and to interact with leading researchers from all over the world (did I mention wine and cheese every week during meeting season?).

I could not ask for a better research environment. I work in an well-equipped lab situated about ten meters from the harbor. I keep a fishing pole in lab, and I can see the fish jump from my bench. I owe much of the success I have encountered thus far, including three research publications, to the individual attention bestowed upon me by the Watson School and the extraordinary mix of scientific research, intellectual interaction, and recreation here at CSHL."