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HT Summer 2017

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On the cover:
The clumpy, bulbous appearance of this organoid from the Spector lab reflects the aggressive nature of the breast cancer subtype it was grown from. After 6 days of treatment with antisense technology that knocks down a long non-coding RNA called MaTAR20, the cancer shrank and lost its branched appearance, suggesting loss of metastatic potential. See for yourself at


A spark ignites Rett research

Casual conversation among postdocs
advances Rett syndrome research

A capital achievement

The 125th Anniversary Capital Campaign
far exceeds its goal

One experiment

Bacteria-trapping DNA webs are repurposed by cancer cells

Research profile: David Tuveson

A world leader in pancreatic cancer research mobilizes his team on new diagnostics and treatments

Taking center stage

New director of CSHL’s NCI-designated Cancer Center sets a bold vision

Watson School 2017 Ph.D.s

Faculty & Friends

Trinity College President elected Trustee

Silicon Valley & CSHL reward star students

New faculty: David McCandlish

Nobelist honored by WSBS

Banbury tradition with a new twist