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On the cover:
Alexis Tchaconas, a senior at Columbia University, was one of 27 gifted college students who took part in the Undergraduate Research Program in summer 2013. Her study of autism, performed in the lab of Professor Mike Wigler, was motivated by a family connection to the disorder.


Holding the line on rainforest loss

Discovery of the genetic key to boosting the yield of oil palm trees has roots at CSHL

My amazing 'URP' summer

A Columbia University undergrad writes about her summer studying autism in the Wigler Lab

What mad pursuit!

A sporting event unique to CSHL: the annual plate race

One experiment

A mutant ear of corn provides insights about plant growth and crop yield

Research Profile: Z. Josh Huang

Exploring the cerebral cortex is like navigating the jungle. Huang's genetic tools are like a GPS system


Faculty & Friends

Double Helix Medals dinner

Four new trustees elected

Women's Partnership honors Elizabeth L. Watson

Teri Willey leads commercialization efforts

CSHL boasts four NARSAD winners

Dr. Hannon selected for MERIT award

Blavatnik Award to Dr. Hodges

Notre Dame establishes DNA Learning Center

President's Council on infectious diseases

Dr. Chio named a Damon Runyon Fellow

Don't think science is for the masses?


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