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Ph.D. Programs

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory has a long and exceptional history of research and education in the biological sciences.  The Laboratory provides a great environment for doctoral studies in an international, collaborative community.  There are approximately 100 Ph.D. students doing their thesis research at CSHL. Students pursue their degrees as part of CSHL's Watson School of Biological Sciences or one of Stony Brook University's graduate programs, or as visiting students from institutions throughout the world.

Watson School of Biological Sciences

The graduate school at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory - the Watson School of Biological Sciences - offers an accelerated Ph.D. program designed for exceptional students.  Approximately 10 students join the Program each year to participate in a unique educational curriculum within an institution renowned for its pioneering research and science training programs.  Graduate students at the Watson School are part of this thriving and historically rich scientific community.

Stony Brook University

For more than 20 years, graduate students at Stony Brook University have had the option of performing their thesis research at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. The shared graduate programs allow students to work with scientists from Stony Brook University, CSHL, and Brookhaven National Laboratory in diverse areas of biology, math, physics, and computer science. Stony Brook M.D.-Ph.D. students are also welcome to conduct research in a CSHL lab. In all cases, students perform their course work at Stony Brook University and then undertake laboratory rotations and doctoral research at any of the cooperating institutions.

The shared programs include: