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brain gears

Do neuroscientists need to switch gears to understand how brains make choices?

The International Brain Laboratory (IBL) has an unusual approach to a fundamental mystery of neuroscience: what happens in the brain when it makes a decision? Associate Professor Anne Churchland, who co-founded the IBL along with Professor Tony Zador, explains how it could help solve a problem in neuroscience.

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our vision

CSHL Culture: A Lab like no other

Find out what it's like in a community of more than 1,100 scientific, academic, administrative and support staff working together to fulfill Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory’s research and education missions.

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our vision

Our Vision: Charting a course for the future

Find out what’s next for Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, in linked features on Our Vision for the years just ahead, and a preview of Tomorrow’s Science.

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trotman thumb

One Experiment - Lloyd Trotman, Ph.D., FEATURE

How does a crucial tumor-suppressor protein switch potentially cancer-initiating growth signals
from 'on' to 'off'? Super-resolution microscopy provides the surprising answer.

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jackson 1exp thumb

One Experiment - David Jackson, Ph.D., FEATURE

What can scientists learn from an odd-looking mutant ear of corn? Clues about how to
harness genetics to boost yield.

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egeblad 1exp thumb

One Experiment - Mikala Egeblad, Ph.D., FEATURE

What happens when a breast tumor is treated with an anti-cancer drug? A complex
interplay of the drug, cancer cells, the tissue surrounding the tumor, and the immune system.

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