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CSHL Fellows Program
The CSHL Fellows program is an excellent opportunity for outstanding young scientists who have recently received their Ph.D. or M.D. degrees to pursue a period of independent research before taking a faculty position. Fellows direct their own research program under the guidance of a senior faculty member. They have their own laboratory space and technician, as well as access to all of the resources of the Laboratory. Fellowship appointments are for three years with the possibility of an extension of one to two years for exceptional Fellows.
The Laboratory is internationally known for its highly interactive and stimulating environment. Its Meetings & Courses program brings nearly 10,000 scientists to the campus each year, presenting Fellows with the opportunity to hear the latest research findings in a wide range of fields. Fellows also have the unique opportunity to meet and to network with visiting scientists. The Fellows program has been much valued for providing the opportunity to establish strong independent research programs without administrative burdens, as well as the opportunity to establish valuable collaborations.
Jason Sheltzer - CSHL Fellow

Studies how aneuploidy – the presence of an abnormal number of chromosomes in a cell – impacts tumor initiation and tumor progression. His work aims to exploit differences between aneuploid (cancer) cells and normal cells, with the hopes of developing therapies that can specifically eliminate cancer cells.
Lingbo Zhang - CSHL Fellow

Focuses on normal and malignant hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells. Currently using both functional genomics and chemical biology approaches to uncover critical self-renewal regulators and metabolic vulnerabilities, with the goal of identifying novel treatments for hematopoietic malignancies.
Year CSHL Fellow Current Position
1986 Adrian Krainer Professor
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
1988 Carol Greider Daniel Nathans Professor & Director
Molecular Biology & Genetics
Professor, Department of Oncology
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
1989 Eric Richards Professor and Vice President for Research
Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research
1991 David Barford Group Leader
MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology
1994 Ueli Grossniklaus University of Zürich University
Institute of Plant Biology, Laboratory Head (PI)
1995 Scott Lowe Investigator, HHMI, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Member, Cancer Biology & Genetics Program
Chairman of the Geoffrey Beene Cancer Research Center at MSKCC
Professor, Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences
1998 Marja Timmermans Professor, Department of Developmental Genetics
Centre for Plant Molecular Biology (ZMBP) 
University of Tübingen
2000 Terence Strick Principal Investigator, Biomolecular Nanomanipulation Group.
Institut Jacques Monod
2000 Lee Henry Research Specialist
Janelia Farm Research Campus
2004 Ira Hall Assistant Professor of Medicine
Associate Director of The Genome Institute
Washington University
2004 Patrick Paddison Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Human Biology Division
Associate Member
2008 Dinu Florin Albeanu Associate Professor
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
2008 Christopher Vakoc Associate Professor
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Candidates should be nominated by their graduate student advisor, who should send a letter of nomination and the candidate’s CV to:

Chris Vakoc, M.D., Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
1 Bungtown Road
Cold Spring Harbor
NY 11724
(516) 367-5045